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THE VERY SOUTH THAILAND RIDE, Day 3 - The Day The Sky Fell On Us (5 to 13 August 2015)

Bike friendly hotel. Yamawa Guesthouse allow us to park the bikes inside!
The market place at Thung Wa
Noodle in blood soup
Quite a few nasty hills to climb
Wet for 9 whole hours!!!
Charcoal roasted dried squid at Trang night market


A call was made for a 8 am meet up. But it rained the whole night and by meeting time, it was still raining! VT and Claudine had given up on wearing sports shoes since Day 1, at Satun. The crocs or kroks sandals, all made excellent rain wear.

A table was set up for us under the make shift garage. Our sweet "hotelier" brought us a breakfast of fried "Yu tiau" and kuih-muih. This time, the hot thermo pot has an extension wire attached to it, the electricity source coming from his house. Tea, coffee and needless to say, hot green tea!!!

As the rain pelted away, sometimes heavily, sometimes reduced to a drizzle, nobody wanted to move out so fast. We enjoyed the view of the fish pond below with powered water wheels which created oxygen for the fishes.

We exchanged notes on our "love hotel". Claudine and VT did not have hot water to bathe. The air-conditioning drips in their room and so it did too in YC and Lance's room. Nobody had free wifi. YC and Lance played dodge with a giant spider in their bathroom!

George and Wendy......

George and Wendy may or may not have an amorous time last night. The condom was actually used as a protection for George's rear light!!!!

George spotted a cow's skull behind the owner's house. Brave KC picked it up to model with it!

When we finally decided the rain will never stop, we moved out. We rode to the town's market for breakfast. It was really uncomfortable sitting in our confined area, by the 5 foot way in the dirty market area. YC, Lance, Wendy and KC were worst off as they frequently gets sprays and mist of rain on their backs. But everyone were too polite to complain and tried to make the best out of the worst situations. 

Breakfast was a terrible nasi briyani laden with too much spices, chicken rice with very little chicken and decent roti prata. We downed the food with Cha Ron and hot green tea.

When we finally retrieved our bicycles to move out, it was still raining. The earlier heavy downpour had flooded the road. This time, we had to wade through inches of water to get to our bikes!

As Celia had to answer a short call of nature, we stopped by a Chinese coffee shop 50 m away. This shop sells what looked like fried roasted pork with noodles. As breakfast was just minutes ago, nobody could eat anything, anymore.

The people in the shop all walked barefooted. Business on that rainy day was zero. Celia asked if she could borrow their toilet and was not refused. Reluctant to remove her glad wrap, she trudged into the shop with an apologetic look.

Now, having done enough damage, some of us ordered drinks just to appease the owner. The good Thai people came back with the orders and on top of that, hot green tea to pass around!

We rode out again. Again, it was raining.

This will be a scenic route. Kampung roads, limestone hills, rolling hills...

We came upon a road block manned by the military. They let us pass with a wave.

We saw a pick up truck carrying a cow. There will be 3 more cows heading for the butcher later on.

We saw a "dick" hill.

After about 17 km of rolling hills, we stopped by a convenience shop. Cha Ron on a cold, wet day makes a perfect beverage. 

Then, we rode out again. Again, it was raining.

We rode for about 10 km before reaching a town. Here, we stopped at a big petrol station with a 7 Eleven and Cafe beside it. Potty break!

After potty break, we rode out. Again, it was raining.

YC had informed that just 5 km down, there will be a major junction. We will need to turn right to Trang. There were orders to look out for food as Alvin feared that beyond this point, there will be almost to none food stalls for the next 30 km.

We reached the junction. No food.

We turned right. No food.

We rode a little ahead. Petrol kiosk. No food.

We stopped at the petrol kiosk. Papa was briefed on the possible famine.

Looking worried and trying to be brave, he quickly flicked out a muesli bar. Thankfully, he was still willing to share it with Wendy!

Perhaps a little drama is added here to spice up the story!

We then rode again. Again, it was raining.

Before long, we came upon a big school. There were some events held that day. A short row of shop houses beside the school perks up VT's senses. Civilization!!! He rode slowly and not far beyond, he chanced upon a quaint little cafe. 

A very long lunch stop.

Free wifi.

It rained heavily, it drizzled.

A young German couple also on bike joined us. They bought their bikes in Bangkok and has been touring our region. 

When the wait was getting too long, the owner treated us to langsat. He even asked us to help ourselves to the huge pile of petai on the table.

Finally, the rain slowed down to a drizzle, safe enough for us to leave. We managed some group photos with our new found friends. 

Then, we waved good bye and rode out. Again, it was still raining!

Not long later, it rained cats and dogs! The roads were too narrow to stop so we rode slow and safe. Rain water stung our eyes. It pelted our faces. We braved the punishment.

Thankfully, our sufferings were short. The rain teetered off to a drizzle. We rode for about 10 km to yet another petrol kiosk for regrouping.

Then, we rode out again. Again, it was still raining.

A few kilometers later, we saw water! Lots and lots of water! The whole road was flooded!

George opted for the far left. His whole crankset went underwater. Slosh! Slosh! Slosh! His shoes and pedals went like the water wheels at Captain Resort aka "love hotel".

Wise KC opted for the far right. He cruised behind the slow moving cars. That went well. Seeing this, VT and Claudine followed suit.

We rode for awhile until we came upon a noodle shop. Funny rice noodles are served in thick black soup garnished with fried pork lard. Cold and wet since morning, we ate it up without much thoughts.

After our late lunch of strange food, we rode out again. Again, it was still raining.

Riding out, Celia was having some problems with her glad wrap. They were getting undone. Pedal, pedal, stuck to chains. Pedal, pedal, bend and yank! Celia managed to remove the little dangling bits. But wait!!! She held on to the bits until a 100 m down the road. Spotting a blue barrel by the road side, presumably a dustbin, Celia aced the glad wrap into the barrel!!!

Before long, we reached Trang. 78 km under our belt, 9 hours of playing in the rain.

We weaved through an after school traffic condition. We weaved through the busy town. We arrived at Yamawa Guesthouse. 

Claudine and VT were placed on the 4 th floor. YC and Lance too. All trudged wearily upstairs.

Dinner was at 6 pm. With whatever time we have in our hands, we had a hot shower and laundered our wet clothes. Celia and Alvin though, arranged for paid laundry with Joe, the proprietor.

When we met for dinner, Joe the perfect host led us to a restaurant nearby. Papa Mike was at his top elements ordering and giving instructions in the kitchen. Sadly though, when the food arrived, they were in the smallest possible portions. 

Luckily, we had plans to visit the night market. So after dinner, we all trundled down the lanes to the market situated near the train station. Food were purchased and shared. 

Later, we separated and recongregated in a cafe nearby.

Good laughs! Good sharing!

Tired out, some wanted to head back. Some wanted to get massages.

KC did not finish his Cha Ron. He was feeling bloated. The elephants in the Chang Beer from dinner time were creating a stampede inside him. Then, just outside the shop, as we were all leaving, KC released the elephants. They came out trumpeting!

After that, nobody was in any mood for massages. We all went back to Yamawa. But not before conspiring with the greedy ones to meet for supper after KC was tucked in bed!

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