Sunday, 3 January 2016

THE VERY SOUTH THAILAND RIDE, Day 9 - Heading Home! (5 to 13 August 2015)

Checking in at Krabi airport
Happy with a Tuk Tuk ride


The team met early for breakfast. Breakfast was a choice of really good Roti Prata, Nasi Lemak with fantastic rendang chicken or curry chicken downed with yet another cuppa Cha Ron and free hot green tea.

The shop is just a stone throw away from Lada Hotel. Turn right upon exiting the hotel, turn right again at the T junction. Managed by Malay Muslims, the food tasted very much like home for Claudine.

After breakfast, Alvin intended for the team to take a group photo by the river, with Krabi's iconic statues of Crabs and Eagles. To our surprise, there was a parade by the school children in honour of the Queen. The children were dressed in the most exquisite and colorful costumes. There was a band too!

We happily clicked away, taking photos of them, and with them. Sadly, we had to leave before their march was to start.

Back at the hotel, Tee and Na from Champion Bike Shop were already waiting for us. They brought along 2 helpers and a pick up truck. After a quick introduction, we loaded our bike boxes into the truck.

The team then, went up the hired tuk tuk which was to take us to the airport but not before a quick stop at Champion to check out their wares. It was still not opening hours but Alvin's smiles and charms convinced them to work the extra hours!

So, the team all trooped into Champion Bike Shop at very "special" hours. George bought some bottle cages while Papa Mike carted off something. As for the rest of us, though we ogled over the items, we could not part with our Bahts. "Special" hours does not necessarily mean "special" price!

Tee and Na escorted us all the way to the airport. Such are the great hospitality of Thai people.

We made quite a spectacle at the check in counter. 10 people with 10 huge bike boxes. Had they been musical instruments, we would have received higher regards. Alas, they were just bicycles and thus we were regarded more like traveling gypsies, all dark and browned after 9 days of touring!!!

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