Thursday, 30 June 2016

321 ADVENTURE THRU THAILAND, LAOS AND CAMBODIA (4-16 January 2016), Day 13 - The Clinic is Open!

Dr Mike
This little girl in white, was placed in Cosi after her father passed away and her terminally ill mother, suffering from HIV is unable to look after her anymore
This little girl had lice. Her sister shaved her head!
A visiting doctor will garner a long queue of patients

School is out on Saturday. Claudine woke up to the sounds of running feet and loud chatter outside her quarters. The noise went on for some time before finally dissipating into the distance. Even on weekends, the children rise early for their morning jogs.

After breakfast, we were eager to start the clinic with Dr Mike. However, with no in-house doctors, the clinic is left vacant for months on ends. We had to wait for the children to clean up the place before we could enter. One child in charged of sweeping, opened the door to sweep out dust as much as a bag of flour!

When cleaning was done, we stepped in via the operatory. A lone dentist chair stood in a corner of the room but Sister told us it was broken.

The connecting room was the clinic itself. They have a waiting area, a counter for dispensary, 2 glass cabinets to store the medicines and even a proper filing cabinet to keep all medical records of the children.

While the ladies played nurse, the men painted the canteen. They were assisted by young children who eagerly wiped up any paint that dripped down.

Papa Mike was the first to end his Tour of Duty. He left after lunch, followed by Claudine and VT who leave after tea. All in a day's work, the rest of the remaining team were treated to a bullock cart ride and a tour of the village.

The Meadows and The Howards stayed on another 2 nights in Cosi before returning to Australia. Meanwhile, the travel bug had caught on with Alvin, KC and Frank. Leaving Cosi, they travelled on to Vietnam!!!

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