Wednesday, 29 November 2017

LTF MR2 (7-15 August 2017), Day 9 : Finale

One last photo in Singapore before we return to our respective homes. The Roscoes though, had to wait for their Singapore-Perth bound flight. Carolen flew direct from Bangkok
Great noodle shop in Loei
Fiery Stuff
On the way to The Bicycle
On the way to the airport. Conditions were pretty crammed, even though we had hired a bigger Songthaew
Airport authorities deflating Sue's bike
George feeling for the nipple!!!
The ladies with Prim. She was the key instrument to our first class train travel to Nong Khai
The men with Prim
Heartsick at Bangkok airport

This morning, after walking out for a hot bowl of noodle soup in a bustling coffee shop that takes up 2 shop lots, we finally found our way to The Bicycle. Located on Route 201 and not far from our hotel, we still took a Songthaew as we were all feeling lazy on the last day of our trip. Besides, the chili flakes from breakfast was starting up a bonfire in our bellies and the humid weather wasn’t helping either!

The Bicycle, a well equipped shop in Loei, trades mostly in Orbea bikes. Our shopping though revolves around the smaller accessories that can be brought home with us. While we enjoyed shopping for ourselves, we also bought a pair of gloves and water bottle for Chief as gratitude for this wonderful trip.

The Roscoes, eager to return home, finally emerged out of hiding when it was time to leave for the airport. They were accompanied by Celia who preferred sleep over food. Naturally, Mrs Lee does not have to go hungry as doting Mr Lee will always provide but Pete was still not eating much!

At Loei’s airport, our bikes went through stringent checkings. The staff insisted for us to deflate our tyres completely! To do so, we had to reopen our boxes until George found an ingenious way of slotting our hands through the box handle.

Arriving at Suvarnabhumi airport, we were appalled by the conditions of our bike boxes. As The Bicycle had supplied us boxes that are cut on the flap covers, the weak points gave way during transportation. Deflating our tyres at Loei had also unraveled some of the packaging.

Checking in our bikes for the next leg took awhile as the airport was swarmed with passengers. By the time we were ready to have lunch with Prim, it was time for her to leave for her next appointment!

Lunch was a hurried affair. Afterwards, we rushed to immigration but had to follow the ALL PASSPORTS lane as the ASEAN lane was not opened. Only Celia and Alvin managed to use the APEC lane!

With an airport filled with rich Chinese tourists, our wait took almost to the brink of missing our flights. Thankfully, by the time they called for us over the PA system, the ASEAN lane had reopened. We managed to switch lanes, stamp our exit and made a mad run to the gate!!!

Photo Credits :
1. KC
2. Alvin 


Pete returned to Perth and was diagnosed with kidney failure. However, through the powers of prayers he has fully recovered and returned to cycling as well!