Friday, 10 March 2017

Western Australia (26 November 2016 - 5 December 2016), Day 1 : The Eagle has Landed!!!

Part of the 321 Team having tea at LTF Headquarters!
Peanut and Crushed Hopes' first ever tour!
Jacaranda Festival at Applecross
Jacaranda Festival at Applecross
Modern day Perth still uses tree trunks as electricity poles!
Hotel Northbridge
Airborne umbrella
Debris in the air; note the umbrella on the roof
Perth City to purchase simcard
Perth City enroute to LTF Headquarters
Ride to Waterford Plaza
The Esplanade Road
Swan River
Excellent infrastrcuture
Well paved bicycle lanes
South Perth Yacht Club
Skipper and his mate!
Beautiful waterfront villas
Sunset view
Going under the bridge!
Approaching the harbour
Don't swallow us!!!
Approaching the open sea
Crystal docked by the jetty
Fremantle by night

It was a short 6 km ride from Karawara to Mount Pleasant in sunny weather! The sky was a perfect blue and the temperature a high 39 C when we bid Alvin goodbye on top of Canning Bridge. While he continued back home, we took his Dahon Speed Pro and Bridgestone XO5 back to Yow's place, borrowed for our cycling adventure in Western Australia.

LTF Chief welcoming us at the Headquarters

It had been a great afternoon meeting up with our fellow 321 team at LTF Headquarters. More than 10 months since we had laughed, laboured and lodged together in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The feeling of comradeship was undeniable as we dined on cucumber sandwiches, cakes and more cakes!

The morning event was a whirlwind! Picked up from the airport in 2 cars by Yow and Yu Jin who were not convinced of our minimal packing, we ended up having too much room! Strange, that while most airports are a good distance away, the toll free roads of Western Australia led us to their doorsteps in less than half an hour!

Sally was there to greet us. Yu Meng was on his way for a weekend holiday in Margaret River, thus vacating his room for us! Yu Jin was babysitting Caroline's dogs hence he only came back for this morning, when he returned for bacon, eggs and mushrooms!!!

Before long, we were whisked to Applecross for a Jacaranda Festival. Yu Weng was performing together with his school's orchestra but the hot weather made Ryan, Rygel and Claudine wandered into a nearby supermarket where they tried a variety of fruits, cheeses and hams. Too engrossed with food tasting, they missed his performance!

Meanwhile, nature had orchestrated another kind of performance for us, Malaysians. At Northbridge, we were shaken by a strong gust of wind that blew Claudine's hat off and a picnic umbrella sky high! Some zinc roof and debris were also airborned!!! Dining within the calmness of the Vietnamese restaurant with Uncle Hong Kin, we watched the umbrella came back to earth!!!

Our adventure did not just end there! In the evening, we were picked up by Ian and Anne.....again in 2 cars!!! Headed for South Perth Yacht Club, we set sail in their private yacht to Fremantle for fish and chips. 

Getting off at Fremantle, Ian's 2 younger children were there to greet us. They had driven to the port to dine with us but more so to be with their granddad, hailing from Albany. At over 80 years of age, he had just arrived at Ian's in the morning with a foot injury from his scrap metal adventures. It was fascinating talking to him and when he shared with Claudine he meant to buy a brand new fridge for his wife with his earnings, she just went, "Aawwwwwwww.....!!!"

2016, the "Explosive" launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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  1. What an amazing action packed day! And the cycling havent really started yet.